If I were a fleet owner without a strategy, eIQ would be my strategy.
— fleet manager - industrial distributor
This is the easy button for EV! You make it awfully easy for fleets to make decisions.
— Director vehicles - package delivery company
Electric Propulsion is the most efficient. So EV done right should cost less.
— senior fleet engineer. major logistics company

We’ve interviewed over 300 experts from fleets, EV manufacturers, Leasing Companies, Utilities & more. We discovered that deploying fleet EVs is incredibly complex.

Why is that? The traditional fleet planning and decision process is broken for electric fleets because it requires information about infrastructure, facilities, utilities and rates, incentives, policy, new vehicle costs, different insurance, etc., and this information is difficult to collect and analyze. In addition, the planning process is tedious, time consuming and requires multidisciplinary knowledge.

This is why eIQ Mobility is building a powerful data-driven awareness, decision and planning platform, that harvests data from fleets, electric vehicle models, locations, facilities, utilities and more, to deliver And delivering guaranteed-price Mile Purchase Agreement contracts, under one fixed price per mile for our fleet customers. Completely de-risking fleet migration from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

Zero-Emissions Mobility at Zero-Risk.

TCO calculators for EVs are inconsistent. There are too many unanswered questions.
— sales executive. commercial EV manufacturer

Every fleet is a snowflake.
— Business analyst - major leasing company
EVs with a 100 mile range can cover 80% of our needs.
— Director engineering - top 100 US private fleet
There are zones in Europe where ICEs can’t go. It’s just a matter of time before that’s going to happen in the US.
— SVP fleet - global food & beverage distributor