The Next Emissions Frontier: Challenges & Innovations for Scope 1 Reductions

On 22 & 23 August, we were invited to speak at the ESS Perspectives Conference in Nashville. Great panel on addressing Scope 1 emissions which are the next frontier for companies already buying renewable energy—especially those with science-based targets to meet. Transportation is now the #1 source of emissions in the US, representing 29% of all emissions according to the US EPA.

With Emily Davis Go-Green Lead for DHL, Pete Dahm Director of Sustainability and Renewable Energy for Cargill & Erin Deck from ESS we discussed the dynamics of Scope 1 emissions tracking, how DHL is working to accelerate fleet electrification, and some practical fleet EV customer cases that eIQ Mobility shared. What was abundantly clear during the 2 days is that global & US corporations are expanding the scope of their sustainability tracking & execution to TRANSPORTATION. It is their next frontier for carbon & NOx. Which made this a fantastic event for eIQ Mobility, leading to 10+ new corporate leads.

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