eIQ Mobility joins cleantech and transportation thought leaders in Boston to discuss convergence of transportation and cleantech

eIQ Moblity joined several cleantech leaders at the NECEC Emerging Trends Series event to discuss the convergence of transportation and cleantech.

Yann highlighted the dynamics of electrification for the 10 Million fleet vehicles in the U.S., driving 300 Billion miles a year with $250+ Billion in annual costs. With more medium & heavy-duty EV models available, predictable routes (many under 100 mi / day) and hub-based vehicles, fleets are primed for an EV explosion.

Also fascinating to hear from Henrik Holland how Shell is massively investing in EV technology globally, why Tod Hynes CEO of XL | Fleet Electrification focused on the Ford Motor Company F-150, and why Toyota North America sees value in hydrogen in addition to electric powertrains. Sara Rafalson discussed how EVgo has seen exponential growth in 2018 and the dynamics of owning & operating the largest DCFast network in the U.S., and John Gartner, who has been researching EV since 2002 (!!), shared the Navigant EV sales forecasts which have been very accurate.

Yann Kulp speaking at the NECEC event on the convergence of cleantech and transportations

Special note: All with the incredible backdrop of the Old Court House where the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed on July 18 1776.